Monday, 4 September 2017

A Little Enlightened

8 months into the year and I’ve barely put fingers to keyboard. The Becca Edit has been neglected, my desire and inspiration to write has wavered as a result of the year being fairly manic with some mega life stuff and light bulb moment realisations. That said, it’s been niggling that I’ve not put the effort into consistently posting, shooting and developing content as it’s a process I enjoy, but no longer to the detriment of taking real downtime, clearing my diary of days off, and allowing time for a little more spontaneity.

For the most part of my adult life, I’ve felt completely knackered. Time poor, lacking in energy and certainly not taking taking this trend for self care much beyond using it as a hashtag on Instagram. Well, no more. Taking a week off immediately after submitting my university dissertation in May and being completely unable to even allow myself to stay in bed past 7am (even on holiday, due to some serious FOMO) was a good reality check of how unsustainable my expectations on myself were. I thirive on a challenge, progression, seeing new places, meeting new people... therefore lying in bed when I can spy blue skies through my blinds is quite frankly a waste of time. Or so I thought.

The timing of an invite to then put a bit of self-care and self-indulgence back on my agenda could not have been more appreciated. A new job, a lot of travel a big change in routine and a total overhaul in mindset and suddenly I’m finding myself saying a big “hell yes” to things I’ve never committed to before (and would previously have considered a total waste of time.) The first; changing my fitness routine. Yoga isn’t just for ‘rest days’ and stretching is not just something you do for 2.4 seconds at the end of a session. The second; relaxing my diet. A month of eating in caloric surplus and doing little resistance training and yes you will lose some muscle mass and gain some fat, however I’ve not suddenly ballooned. (My body actually feels enormously relaxed and content, which I’ve quite possibly not allowed it to feel for years.) And finally the third; feeling zero guilt about pamper appointments. I’m a low maintenance kinda gal, but hell to the yes for nail goddess Studio Alice, calgel and HD brows.

So that said, this post has been a long time coming, especially since upping the self care one notch higher and booking in for some much needed dental spring cleaning. A review of my Enlighten teeth whitening treatment and some 'what to expect' detail is something I've specifically wanted to share, as frankly, a side effect to my give-yourself-a-break lifestyle over haul is smiling. 

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