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Your Fittest Year Yet | Get Set With UNiDAYS

Sometimes, it's only when you think back to old routines and behaviours, you realise just how far you've come. In this instance I'm talking fitness. A word that's transcended into a multi million £ industry, but in actual fact just articulates your bodies capabilities. 

"capability of the body of distributing inhaled oxygen to muscle tissue during increased physical effort." 

Whenever the subject comes up, I surprise myself at how passionate and animated I become. In the past 5 years my personal meaning of what it means to be fit and healthy has been on somewhat of a 'journey'.  I've always been pretty active and healthy, but in my late teens,  (frankly in a period of low self esteem and bouts of depression) I suddenly became consciously aware of a motive beyond aesthetic goals that drove me to love working out. I think it was a feeling of progression, control, power, positivity and relief from all else. I was hooked. Since that mini epiphany in 2011, the industry has flung itself into mainstream (Whooppp I wear leggings to lunch dates) which has lead to an explosion of studies, theories, techniques and trends all fighting for our attention and cash. Some informative and helpful, some outrageously false and miss-leading.

With this in mind I was super excited to be invited to a workout and nutrition talk with the Results With Lucy team celebrating their partnership with UNiDAYS which offers students 25% off their plans (Sign up here if you haven't already, the discounts are absolute must have steals >>) I was intrigued to hear their perspective and obviously keen to spend a Tuesday morning chatting, squatting and munching in an environment I have so much love for. Being honest, celebrity endorsed methods and services do often raise eyebrows concerning truthful and genuine information so I was really keen to hear more about RWL and understand their approach. They were the first of a new generation of celebrity fitness in the UK, in the form on online subscription based training and nutrition. Since launching 3 years ago, they have ultimately paved the way in the industry for a new training platform that comes with a powerfully positive community behind it. 

The day started with hello's to one another and RWL founders; personal trainer Cecilia and Lucy Mecklenbergh (and swooning at the beautiful attic views UNiDAYS have the joy of owning on the top floor of the HQ),  before sitting down to a talk with their in house nutritionist Louise, who works on client plans. I'll start by simply saying. I was mega impressed. 

Along my "journey" I guess I've done alot of self educating and research and when I'm asked about fitness and nutrition I find myself incapable of preventing my little bubbles of wisdom and tips from coming out my mouth. I admit, I did find myself surprised to actually agree with everything Nutritionist Louise said. It was clear Lucy and Cecilia's passion for thoroughly understanding nutrition and the importance of not cutting calories tooseverely or entire food groups - was refreshing. The team made clear their motivation to learn about the basics of nutrition and apply a sensible, balancedapproach to simply eating fresh food and moving more. This was not revolutionary science, but simply the fundamentals this complex industry so often forgets. The message isn't hard to grasp, eat more singular ingredient, non processed foods, be mindful of your macro nutrient ratios (that's carbs/fats/protein), and find a form of activity you enjoy. The outcome; unavoidably progressing in a healthier direction. It was brought to light just how many useful resources the RWL team have compiled for their clients, such as eating out guides, recipes and snack ideas, so girls completely new to the healthy living scene aren't confused or overwhelmed when making better choices. 

Following on from the talk and spontaneous bursts of Q&A's, it was time to get moving and blast out a short but sweet full body at-home-style workout, lead by Cecilia (She's absolute #goals BTW). The only way I can summarise her session is FUN. She combined movements from dance and yogadisciplines with some high intensity compound and dynamic exercises to deliver a really effective and efficient, convenient workout, parallel to the ones available on the RWL plans. Her enthusiasm for what she does and what they have created together shone through, and speaking to them it was clear to see they are very much involved and in control of the content that goes into both the plans and social media, which very much drives their community of clients and followers. The infectious and inspirational vibe I left with was after the talk and workout was as a direct result of seeing the effects of how these hard working girls girls have ultimately used their knowledge and privileged position to not only better themselves, but encourage others to do the same. The fact Cecilia's workouts, Louise's food advice and Lucy's passion to educate women in looking after themselves has been combined and made so accessible through the Results With Lucy website and app is something I am happy to shout from the rooftops. 

Although I'm not an expert, I'm a do-er and a sharer, so instead of you having to work things out for yourself, here's an ode to honesty, transparency, a bull**it free method for you to get your heath an fitness on point for 2017... These girls have bundled up a one stop shop for overhauling fitness and nutrition, no matter where you are on your journey and thankfully UNiDAYS have got on board offering 25% off it all. To find out about which plans will work best for your lifestyle, head over to Results With Lucy for the full lowdown on both structured and on demand options. 

Ok? Let's go! 


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