Thursday, 20 October 2016

Trusting The Process

"Trust the process"

Is a cliche that's cropped up alot in social media scrolls the past few weeks, somewhat ironic when I seem utterly incapable of doing precisely that. Just as you think you've got things figured out, one little crack turns into a fully grown crevasse and all the tension and emotion unexpectedly floods out. After my most recent mini meltdown and eventually,  logically working through my "I can't cope" blip I thought about those 3 words. Trust the process. 

Riffled with self doubt, confusion and tiredness I dug deep and remembered the emotion that far outweighs any of them - determination. If we let fear decided our choices how different would things have turned out? Spending your energy being positive, dynamic and adaptable is far more useful in any situation. Hard work has a habit of paying off and karma has a habit of rewarding those who are kind, so no matter how success is measured - be it by reaching targets, or just being able to relish in a present moment, being accountable and honest in your actions and doing so with awareness and compassion for those around is surely going to get you on the path of likelihood in achieving your aspirations. 

As my 24th birthday swung by last week I reflected on all i've learned in the last 12 months and all I still have left to learn as I delve deeper into my twenties. My boundaries will be pushed and my resilience tested as I scramble through new experiences repeating "You got this" to myself.  So here's how I'm finding this Trust the Process thaang doable: 

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Embrace that and own that security instead of being caught up with 'plans too far in the future to have relevance to your actions or too far in the past to change. 
Get comfy with the unknown but believe hard in your dreams and whole heartedly throw yourself into the direction your gut tells you. 
Dig deep when things get tough, play hard and pamper hard to recuperate and enjoy the journey. 



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