Sunday, 9 October 2016

Finding Focus

I am many things, but something I'm usually not is focused. Genuinely, honestly focused, placing 100% of my attention on one thing at a time. A state of mild pre-occupation, multi tasking, multi screening, tweeting whilst cooking, whilst drying my hair kinda behaviour is more habitual.  I find it only amusing when I'm complimented for my organisation and ability to juggle work/degree/long distance relationship/blog/interning is usually as a result of  (kinda) winging it, painting on a smile despite the adrenaline deep inside and giving everything max effort.  As a generation we all moan about feeling totally frazzled yet, smashing out those 7am bootcamps then letting our hair down on super boozy after work on Friday sessions - detox/retox is reaching climax and I've been well and truly on that wagon since the day  turned 18.  I should sleep more, I should get my ass to hot yoga more than once a week and I should cut down on double shot coffee's, I know. But there's always an excuse, or I just don't value the importance of allowing my mind to recover as much as my body. For now, while I wait for some higher level of maturity to alter my go-hard-or-go-home ways I've stumbled upon the theory of essentialism. Quite simply it's about, learning how to prioritise and learning how to say no. Focusing on one thing at a time, allowing tasks to be completed with clarity and full force before thinking about the next. It's Friday night and I'm one week into my final year at University. 6 years after beginning my journey into the world of undergrad education and the finish line is finally insight. My workload is the most ambitious it's ever been as I strive to make huge progress both academically and professionally in the next 10 months. So, with the motivational nudge's that seem to do the trick, of new stationary, house plants, linen scented candles and breakfast dates scheduled I can (calmly) end the week ready to embrace the next with a clear focus, excited for the rollercoaster ahead.


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