Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Why A Family Holiday Could Be What You Need

 I don't know about you but this year my feet have barely touched the ground. I can't believe I actually uttered the words "my Birthday" this week, as it's dawning on me Autumn is now just around the corner. Since March everything's been a bit of a blur, but firmly inked in my diary was a hugely looked forward to family trip to Croatia, followed by a few days off to get my head back in the uni game at the end of Summer. It's been 5 years since I'd holiday-ed with my siblings and as we now all live so spread across the country, time together is rare. 

I've just come back from the trip and as everything it still fresh in my mind and I'm plagued with blues and withdrawal from that blissful Adriatic lifestyle I wanted to get a post written about why family time is so precious - to act as a future reminder of how I must never leave it 5 years again. 

"I didn't realise quite how much I missed them and quite how much I needed their company."

They Know You Inside Out - Even If They Temporarily Forget

I'm under no illusion as to how much of a stress head I can be, and how that can cause tension in my relationships and the people around me. It took me a good 5 days to unwind on this trip, having had a busy few weeks prior to going, I definitely felt that period of adjustment where bickering and unexpected emotions often (and seemingly uncontrollably) overspill a bit. It took a moment for us all to familiarise ourselves with each others habits, good or bad, expectations from the trip and lifestyles we've grown in to. Thankfully for me, despite our geographical distance we're a close bunch - no one knows you better than your Mamma - so when I had a mini meltdown/slightly unreasonable outburst she held no grudges, and if nothing else it sharply reminded each of us of our little quirks. Being able to wholeheartedly behave like myself, with no judgement or grudges, (may just a few eye rolls) and that being ok, was actually the most relaxing thing.  

They Make You Belly Laugh

I don't think there's anyone in the world, who makes me laugh quite the same way as my siblings do. In so many situations there's that unspoken understanding, similar sense of humour and piss taking banter than no one else could get away with. There's "had to be there" moments that are the funniest because of context and events that may have happened years ago, but are made relevant again because of a new scenario. Spending a couple of weeks with your crazy bunch, gets everyone back on the same page and enjoying experiences to look back on forever, together, is a recipe for funny anecdotes to revel in in the present and look back on in time to come.  

Some Thing Change, Somethings Stay The Same

In many ways the last 5 years has seen vast change for all of us, but some things stay static.  My brother will forever be the accident prone one, and I'll forever be the bossy one, but we both started our twenties in circumstances we didn't expect to be in. Enjoying quality time out is the perfect excuse for a bit of refection and re-grouping, pondering future decisions and learning from previous experiences. Your family have your back and sounding them out for opinions, away from the daily grind is a good way to get honest feedback, even if it is brutal! 

The More The Merrier

I adore my trips with just my boyfriend, but having a group together is great to inject some new ideas, activities and routines into a trip. More bodies, more suggestions, more conversations, it just makes for a more sociable and alternative break. It hadn't occurred to me to hire scooters on our holiday but after my brother did and had such a fun day whizzing down the coastline, I couldn't not join in and also hired one later in the week. Best. Idea. Ever. 

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