Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ways To Style Your #PowerHour

So tonight marks the equinox, Autumn has officially drawn in and I've found myself power walking home to beat the darkness each evening this week. I find it a tough time of year saying goodbye to summer and trying to battle the influx of gloomy days, coughs, colds and dark mornings. With these thoughts nagging at me and a really intense few months ahead, I'm thoroughly trying to combat any unhelpful negativity by embracing a shiny new Autumnal wardrobe that will inject some feel good vibes and motivation into each morning. 

As I spend so much of my time in activewear, it makes sense to start with that. For AW16 ath-leisure, sports luxe, elevated sportswear and as I like to say gym-to -brunch-make-you-feel-so-comfy-but-amazing looks are here to stay. Winter fashion is something I do adore, and the super changeable seasons in the UK, do at least give us an excuse to press the re-set button and embrace some new looks. This season will also see my 24th birthday and heading into that I bring a newly acquired, self assured sense of style that's developed over the last year. My attitudes, values and preferences have altered and after a ruthless up-til-midnight kinda clearout last night I've gained confidence in my approach. This season I'll be sticking to two purchase principles. 

1. Quality Over Quantity. (Think cost per wear. Yes that dress might be £200, but if it's classic, well made and fits like a glove you'll keep it more than 1 season. If you wear it 10 times, it's basically a £20 dress. But better... sustainability, having a go-to look, etc etc ... so but back the New Look dress you'll probably only wear twice.)

2. Less Is More.  (Simple clean lines, don't over accessorise, follow the rule of 3 and if in doubt MAC honeylove it. )

It's hardly rocket science. But think back to how many impulse purchases you've made, or times you thought you'd try something new and it totally backfiring, or socks, umbrellas, make up brushes and other completely unnecessary items you've thrown onto the cash desk at H&M because queue curiosity got the better of you?

Been there, done that, so now it's time to spend sensibly, style authentically and invest wisely. Apply those principles to my Saturday AM HiiT and coffee sartorial and my #PowerHour was the best it's ever been. High performance, sculpting leggings paired with loose layers, slouchy knits and distinctive slogan vests is ticking all my casual weekend boxes right now. Thanks Sweaty Betty for answering prayers, giving my grey morning an endorphin rush, giving my body confidence a boost and creating the most versatile leggings yet. AW purchase number one, alllll the heart eyes.  

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