Monday, 7 March 2016

How To Nail Printed Leggings

Admittedly, was a bit slow on the up-take but that's generally my style. Not quite brave enough to be fashion-week-trend-setting-ready but finally confident to commit to a purchase once I've seen it done enough times to not feel too attention-drawing. 

This was typically my behaviour when printed leggings became a thing. 

Late 2014 I committed to buying my first pair, a pair of Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity's in a black and grey flower print. (Buy Similar Here)I adored them. And still do, they've lasted me well and are still a go-to pair in my ever growing gym to uni to coffee date kinda clothes drawers. (Yes this genre now has it's own IKEA MALM home). 

Since that purchase, sweat wicking, super comfy, super sculpting leggings became a bit of an addictive purchase, particularly any in a monochrome print, (because who doesn't love monochrome?) that look amazingly statementy with brights or blacks. 

My current fave OOTD for Saturday brunching is so easy to throw on and looks equally effortless come rain or shine. Easy layering and adding leather (or pleather)accessories is a look I'm not done with just let, new leggings just keep this vibe forever feeling fresh. 


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