Thursday, 3 March 2016

6 Ways To Get Your Motivation Back

I'm often ask how I stay so motivated and it's something I find quite difficult to answer. I'm honestly at my happiest and healthiest when I'm able to workout 5/6 days a week, and it's rare I struggle to accommodate it in my schedule because my physical and mental wellbeing is something I feel passionate about which makes learning tips and tricks something I've just subconsciously absorbed. There are some ridiculous fads and jargon that make exercise and fitness such a confusing topic, and in no way am I an expert, but here's what I've figured works for me during weeks I just want snooze my alarm and spend evenings eating `Maltesers... 

Make It A Date
You are definitely less likely to skip a workout if it's planned ahead and you're all prepped. If possible arrange to do it with a friend and enjoy a catch up while you do your session. Every time you'll leave feeling oh so glad you committed yourself and did the session. Surrounding yourself with like minded people will help to nudge you in the right direction when your own will power is wavering, so find yourself a good little support system to keep you focused. 

Try A New Class 
If you're feeling uninspired and bored by your routine, mix is up and try a new class. Being part of a group and having someone tell you what to do takes pressure off your brain and allows your body to just take over.It might lead to you discovering something new, or just getting in a super satisfying session having someone push you. 

Get It Done Early

Before you're brain realises what your body is doing.... This seriously works for me. No faffing about with showering and make up, get up throw your hair up, leggings on and leave. I do usually make a green tea and lemon to kickstart myself, but getting a workout done early morning means you have no chance of putting it off or making excuses when you're tired later in the day. 

Buy The Flippin Maltesers

Every Friday night. And Saturday. And potentially Sunday if hungover. It's all about balance. I live by the cliche 80/20 rule and this means alcohol and refined sugary junk usually makes it way to my mouth once a week. The trick is, to not have processed stuff lying around for longer than 2 days and to not enter a binge eating frenzy. Having a treat at a weekend however means on a Monday, you're ready and refreshed to kick ass and nourish yourself again. 

Take A Break

Are you over doing it? It might not just be a case of laziness. When I lose sweat mojo it's often because I'm stuck in a rut and maybe need a change of routine, it's also sometimes simply bordem and  sometimes I'm just doing too much. I always find myself much more motivated after a break; to rest and give myself a chance to miss it. Don't beat yourself up about it, listen to your body. Maybe other areas in your life have to take priority right now. Get your beauty sleep and fuel up on goodness to give yourself the best chance of being workout ready when the time is right. 
If you're fed up of running, do some more resistance work, if you're weights programme is getting repetitive do some extra classes that week. Or simply take the week off you may need and you'll be back with bags of energy in no time. 

Get Outside 

Now the days are getting longer it's so nice to be able to get more fresh air and look towards summer. Adding an outdoor workout to your schedule does heaps for endorphines and general wellness. Even just a walk or cool-down. I'm loving my latest find; an App called Earthmiles, which tracks your movement each day allowing you to collect points per kilometer, which can be redeemed for health and fitness discounts and goodies. 

We all have "meh" kinda days, fall off the wagon and make mistakes, but fitness isn't a fad, it's a sustainable and holistic way of living, so if you're in leggings right now but spooning peanut butter and lying on the sofa, don't stress. Hopefully these tips remind you everyone is human, and that motivation is something that can be renewed, it doesn't run out. 

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