Friday, 12 February 2016

Getting Organised: Tips For Everyday

Ahhh finally sitting down, PJ's on, glugging mint tea because it's 10pm and it's dawned on me I've barely managed to drink 500ml all day. BUSY DAY. I'm definitely not the only one who has days like this. These days most of us live life at a crazy pace, juggling many commitments and wanting to thrive in everything we take on. I love to be busy and find it quite fulfilling (when I pull it off) but in the past there have been periods I've felt incredibly overwhelmed. Since leaving home at 18 I've been on a steep learning curve and think I've just about mastered an easy-to-apply system for staying organised and absorbing as much new knowledge as possible. Everyday.  

Here are the tips that serve me well through stressful times: 

Be Your Own Boss

If you were managing others, how would you want them to behave? Probably efficiently, proactively and enthusiastically. The only person who can take charge of the path you're on is yourself, so crack the whip and make sure you've completed all the tasks you set out to achieve before pressing play on a boxset. If you're finding you get to late evening and you still have things to tick off your to do list, you're probably overloading your schedule. Finding the balance between working hard and working sustainably is a tricky one, but be sensible and if you're workload's looking a bit high, prioritise and delegate better and enjoy an hour each evening unwinding guilt free.


This is a serious 2016 resoultion for me and so far so good. Tiny steps of improvement are being made. Do one thing at a time. If there's more than 5 tabs open on my web browser, I'm probably distracted and suffering from brain flittering. Commit to one task, get it done and move onto the next one. You'll complete things faster and to a higher standard by allowing yourself to slow down and concentrate more deeply. 

Embrace Technology

One area I need to improve on is embracing the amazing benefits of technology we all have available to us even on our phones. Just this week I found out about Iscanner, the app where you can save a photo you take on your Iphone as a PDF or Jpeg. I'm well aware i'm slow on the uptake; but this small discovery has already made my life easier. Keep exploring! 

De-clutter. Everything. 

Being honest, this is one area I have on lockdown. De-cluttering. I "Spring" clean thoroughly around once a fortnight, clear out my wardrobe every season and never go to bed leaving dirty dishes. Perhaps mildly OCD, but for me a clear space equals a clear mind. I struggle to be calm and find relaxation surrounded by mess. My flat is as spacious, light and tidy as it can be for it's small size, everything has it's place. This means it's very rare I lose things. 

Be Realistic

Sometimes you've just gotta say no. Simple as. It's so easy to take on one too many things, not wanting to let people down or just having a plain dose of FOMO, sacrificing your wellness as a result. Cramming your diary too full will only leave you feeling deflated and inadequate if you can't deliver the standard you know you can achieve. Creating and controlling a manageable schedule is so much more enjoyable and rewarding. 

Plan Ahead 

A statistic I heard about recently really struct a chord with me. To explain the scenario briefly; a survey carried out with students at Harvard concluded that individuals with a vision of where they want to be in 10 years time, earned 10x (Yes 10X!!) more money than those who said they didn't have a plan, when re-interviewd 10 years later. If you know me, you know I'm a planner. Food prep, baby names, holidays plans, the lot. I thrive on having structure and routine. Things planned in advanced to look forward to keep me motivated and off the back of my new findings I'm going to keep on planning. If you're prone to being a bit last minute, buy some inspiring fancy stationary and USE it! 

Boost Your Wellbeing

Over the last 12 months the theme of wellness and health both physically and mentally really interested me. It's so important to take care of no.1 to get the most out of every experiences. We only get one shot at this thing called life; so be aware not to spend most of it feeling frazzled. My one hour a week of Hot Yoga has become my sanctuary for staying grounded. Cherish the things that make you happy, live in the moment and simply look after yourself. Fuel yourself with good food, surround yourself with good people and make the most of the precious time we have. 

Let me know of any ways you stay organised and stress free, I'd love to learn some new tips!

Lots Of Love
B xx 

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