Friday, 26 February 2016

The Perfect Saturday: Pancake Recipe and Competition

Good food, good company, a blast of exercise and plenty of sleep guarantee my weekend starts well. I adore going out for brunch and not having to be time bound; eating, people watching and chatting away for hours. Recently though, time in my little flat with my man has not been a regular occurrence and having a morning heading out for a run then cosying in cooking pancakes and drinking coffee was heavenly. 


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Gym To Gin: Sports Luxe

We can't ignore it, the trend for health and wellbeing looks set to stay for the foreseeable future and as a lover of fitness and an enthusiast for sustainable living, I'm positively thrilled at the inspiration and openness that currently fills my social feeds. Just this week we have K-Mid blogging about mental health in children and Sweaty Betty releasing another lust worthy drop of high end active wear. Both equally empowering and uplifting.  

It's cool to talk about feelings and it's cool to sweat. 


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Friday, 12 February 2016

Getting Organised: Tips For Everyday

Ahhh finally sitting down, PJ's on, glugging mint tea because it's 10pm and it's dawned on me I've barely managed to drink 500ml all day. BUSY DAY. I'm definitely not the only one who has days like this. These days most of us live life at a crazy pace, juggling many commitments and wanting to thrive in everything we take on. I love to be busy and find it quite fulfilling (when I pull it off) but in the past there have been periods I've felt incredibly overwhelmed. Since leaving home at 18 I've been on a steep learning curve and think I've just about mastered an easy-to-apply system for staying organised and absorbing as much new knowledge as possible. Everyday.  

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

An Ode to Authenticity

Where do you come from and what do you do? 

2 questions I hate answering. 

Unlike some people, I so used to envy, I struggle to answer this question in two words. I was born, grew up and now live in 3 different places and defining what I am or do is also not very concise. I guess right now, I'm a student, shop supervisor and ad-hoc intern. Most of all, I'm a total dreamer but I have a good dollop of realism too. Ambition and good work ethic have never been areas of weakness but vibes of "the grass is greener" and lusting through rose tinted specs at others' lives looking severely more Instagrammable and nuclear family perfect than mine, can leave feelings of self doubt and inadequacy. 

Comparison breeds feelings of inadequacy. 

With that noted, it was time for a change of perspective. What can I change? Myself. What can't I change? The rest of the world. So let's start there. 

A bit of research and reading threw up a re-occuring list of must have books on my shelf and must use mindful techniques. All sharing the common factor of helping me become the best version of myself, which frankly is all anyone can ask for. The brightest, most efficient, most productive, most appreciated, most balanced, HAPPIEST version of me will always be a work in progress but one that can be propelled with the right tools. Yeah? 

I Quit Sugar For Life: Sarah Wilson
How To Win Friends And Influence People

Once I've managed to get through them all I'll post a review, but for now, it's back to #GirlBoss... I can't put it down. 

What's on your reading list at the moment? Have you read any self help books?

Lots Of Love,

B xx 


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Milan By Becca: Food and Style

A travel post, yay! Being too busy or too poor to travel is my idea of a nightmare and after 6 months of being stuck on this island and working long weeks I was ready for a change. That's as good as a rest, right?! When the opportunity arose for me to head to Milan, albeit for work, it was a no brainer. Braced to learn fast, shop fast and eat alot, here's just a few highlights if you ever find yourself there... 

First up, lets swing by Via Montenapoleone for designer dreaming. Along La Perla the beautful traditional streets are lined wine all the Italian and French classic houses; no.1; Louis Vuitton, no.2; Ralph Lauren, no.4; Bottega Venezia, no.5; Sergio Rossi, no.6; Gucci, no.7; Prada women, no.8; Armani Junior, no.10; Gianni Versace, no.11; Valentino, no.20; Alberta Ferretti, no.21; Christian Dior, no.21.

Just a browse taking in the atmosphere and admiring the incredible visuals in the windows inspires creativity and motivation. Something I really enjoyed was a quick lap of the Cathedral El Duomo Milano then heading up to the top of department store Rinascente where views of the twinkly lights at sunset directly, opposite the magnificent architecture of the cathedral spires could be admired. I was totally drooling over the cocktail and food menu, one to go back to for sure! Think an Italian version of Harrods food hall, that's pretty much the vibe.  

Fast forward a few days in the office and the weekend was a prime opportunity for more sightseeing. I was keen to head to Brera, the beautiful old, traditional area of the city.  Full of tourists and restaurants but not ruined or tacky. It's also home to the University of Art and Santa Maria Del Grazie, a medieval fortress full of Da Vinci art and a museum. The terracotta church is elaborate with gothic features and really full of character with it's history.

While in the district we stumbled upon a total gem. A blissful shoe and dessert haven called Tiramisu. Serving only coffee, designer shoes and customised versions of tiramisu it's an extraordinary concept and incredibly delicious. Well worth a visit! 

For stocking up on Sephora goodies, and balancing the historical roots of the city, the super shiny new Corso Como neighbourhood was my favourite place. With glass buildings, fountains and a massive Nike store, I was happy. Also close by was the fantastic (and huge) deli shop Eat-aly, think a traditional/Italian version of Wholefoods. On 2 floors and complete with a cafe, a morning browsing there is not to be missed. Last but not least, my flying visit saw me dash to High Tech, an absolute diamond for anyone who loves interiors, candles, design, homeware and trendy ornaments. Gifting heaven! You'll buy brilliant things you didn't know you even needed. 


So that was a wrap, short but sweet highlights of an eye opening trip. It's wet my appetite to head back with the boyfriend in tow and a serious shopping list. There's so much to see and do, I'll be back with restaurant reviews and outlet hauls later in the year.... 

Have you ever been? What would you recommend? Did you visit the flagship Prada?

Lots of Love
B  x

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Style Diary: Winter Workout

Outfits that take me from gym to brunch are absolutely one of my wardrobe staples. My current lifestyle allows me to dress pretty flexibly, so leggings are trainers are a plenty. If not in gym gladrags, it's most likely jeans and a heeled boot this time of year but on last weeks beautiful sunny Sunday morning, suitable jog to coffee layering was in order. Monochromes, textures and a splash of pastel? 100% Becca. 

What's on your fashion fit list? 

B xx 

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