Saturday, 9 January 2016

New Year, New Goals: A Fresh Approach

Something hit me lately, while reading so many quotes and articles on self improvement and the whole "new year, new you" cliche's climaxing throughout January, I've challenged myself to take a new approach.

Just to be thankful each day for who I am and where I am in that moment. I'm a huge goal setter and organisation geek, forever looking forward and not appreciating the moments in the present. Those moments typically where I'm feeling stressed out with deadlines, eating Nutella off a spoon at 10pm or snoozing my alarm because 7am cardio just isn't floating my boat that morning. Those moments where I just feel a bit crap. The reality is, without moments such as these, we wouldn't be real. I wouldn't be me without these tendencies. And you wouldn't be you either if you never took life a bit off piste. Sometimes the best opportunities and best experiences come as a result of unplanned actions. 

I write this in Milan, full to the brim of home cooked carbs and chocolate, yearning after a gym session but being immersed in Italian culture and struggling with the language barrier has been somewhat grounding. Without jumping out comfort zones we can't develop and without thinking time, we can't be content. 

Absolutely go ahead and set your goals for the year ahead, but don't be so fixated on them you forget to enjoy the next 12 months. Each morning we wake up older, so be thankful for perfect present moments, even those sat make up free in PJ's. At that moment you are typically and uniquely you and that is brilliant. 

Lots Of Love
B xx 


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