Friday, 18 December 2015

Surviving Winter and Little Things To Love


I'll be honest, when it's 6.30am, dark and raining outside and you've got a 12 hour day ahead things can feel a bit bleak. This time of year always seems filled to the brim with deadlines, jam packed diaries, colds and a dip in life mojo. So writing a little post gathering my fave bits about Winter will hopefully bring some warm fuzziness to a another hectic day. 

1. Adding Sparkle

I love embracing my inner child and getting creative and festive at home. Glittery decorations and snowflakes welcome. Arty activities are extremely therapeutic and add a bit of rustic to everything commercial and modern.

2. Decorating The Tree. 

The most 2nd most exciting evening of the year, so make a big deal of it and put on a bit of Mariah while hanging your baubles. You can't do it without smiling. The feeling of satisfaction when it's beautfully complete and you're lounge glows with twinkly lights is such a good one! Winter scented candles and silver/gold beads are my fave accompaniments to turn my flat into a little hub of relaxation and festivity.  

3. Cocao and Ginger Bread Everything

So maybe I do this all year round but especially in December, cravings for rich chocolaty and ginger flavours go into overdrive. In my coffee, in a cake, on porridge, where possible, I'll add them and inhale the yumminess. 

4. Finding A New Fit 

Fitness can be a tricky one to squeeze in around multiple nights out and social/ family gatherings but maintaining some kind of fitness schedule will make you feel more energised and reduce having a sluggish, overindulged start to January. Through December I've had an effort to attend Hot Pod Yoga at least once a week. If you're tired, it's not physically or mentally as hard core as finding gym or running motivation but you still get a very satisfying sweat session and your body will thank you for the brain rest all the more.   

5. Mulled Wine 

The smell of it simmering makes my mouth water. It's something that is really only enjoyed in the weeks running up to Christmas so enjoy it! If you aren't feeling festive cosy up next to a pub fire or at some Xmas markets and catch up with friends over mulled wine. The epitome of festive relaxation. 

6. An Excuse For New Books and Pyjamas 

Snuggling up with a new book in new pyjamas is just so good. Straight out the bath and with a cup of tea is even better. Make sure you schedule time to do this in the next fortnight, it makes me so happy sit on the sofa with a blanket and enter a little world of escapism. 

Do you feel the same?
Lots Of Love
B xx 

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