Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 Reflections: An Honest Chat

I can't believe Christmas has gone past in the blink of an eye. This December has been so busy I never really felt the degree of festive vibes I would have liked too. Nonetheless, a week of seeing my favourite faces eating amazing food and having a bit more sofa time than usual has been wonderful. I'm already bursting with adrenaline, excitement and to do lists for 2016 but before we get to that, a little reflection of the last 12 months seems necessary, to count blessings and remember some amazing experiences and milestones. 


I ran a half marathon in 1.54 and pretty consistently attend a hot Pod Yoga session once a week. For me, 2 huge achievements that took me out my comfort zone of circuit classes and HIIT. Even more surprising, I've loved the variety in my routine and challenging varied training is so much more satisfying.  


In early Autumn I decided one day a week I would eat 100% plant based, so no meat or dairy. Although the last 3 weeks my routine has been totally shaken up and food has been less planned and more intuitive and indulgent, I will definitely be sticking to this in the new year. I also discovered some new recipes that have become firm favourites, such as mixing leeks with basmati rice and fresh ginger (it's so good) cooking with black beans,  and nailing vegan flapjacks.  


I kicked off January with a University trip to New York. In those 5 days we crammed in SO much fashion, food and sightseeing all it did was give me a appetite to go back again. Albeit perhaps when it's a bit warmer than -10c ! The city was just as I expected, and more. Bigger, busier and more culturally rich. June came around and saw us off to the States again, only this time it was for Colorado mountains and the West Coast. It was the most incredibly varied, and exhilarating trip. Lots of hiking and altitude with some beach time and city breaks thrown in. I came back a new woman, more confident, relaxed and self assured, thank you America and my Mr for some unforgettable memories. I'll be back soon. 


It's so easy to take loved ones for granted. This year I've heard of so many losses, it's really made me count my blessings. Specifically at this time of year, we often feel wounds left by people not present anymore even deeper. I never sleep on an argument and I try to stay in touch with immediate family everyday. A quick text, a reassuring "Hey, it's ok", a compliment can all be so important when days aren't so rosy. As I get older my school friendships are even more valuable and 5 years into my relationship, I try to never forget how important my guy is to me. His support through my meltdowns and annoyingly giddy highs is irreplaceable. I should tell him that more. 


It's been the year the penny has dropped, if you have vision, work hard and surround yourself with positivity good things come your way. I turned 23 BTW and for a long time have been impatient with lagging in the rat race. A bit of perspective though and I'm letting that become irrelevant. There will always be a new goal, and if you don't enjoy the journey why are you doing it?

All in all it's been a great year for so many things, academically I think I've finally found my niche, professionally... maybe 2016 I'll figure that bit out. I've explored some beautiful places, made new friendships, maintained old ones and in a happy relationship. It was a hectic year of change too with a house move and new job and I greatly value this week of Xmas / New Year limbo to have a 2 min breather and re-group some motivation for setting and achieving new goals next year. ( And travel all over the country for catch ups and amazing food/drink.) In the next 12 months there's old friends I want to see, new places to visit, grades to achieve and opportunities take. 2015 was also the year I started (not so consistently, I know) blogging! Producing content and structuring and planning posts is first on the to do list for next week; creating a hub of inspiring and addictive fitness, travel and lifestyle editorial is number 1.  For now, I'll have a little look back at highlights of an amazing year and plan a perfect night tomorrow with my man and lots of bubbles. 

Becca xx 


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