Saturday, 14 November 2015

Just A Girl, Who Wants It All

A rant about feeling under pressure, indecisive and permanently in a juggle of adrenaline, tiredness and hyperactivity is likely to sum up the rest of the year for me. I love blogging; photography, reading, socialising and writing (hopefully) inspiring and useful content but sometimes my head just gets a bit clouded in fog so a bit of a real life ramble seemed necessary to post to help myself and you lovely lot combat all varieties of pressure.

Lets start with life.

My current situ is the "ahhh my gawd i'm 23 I was supposed to graduate 2 years ago and I'm still battling through 2nd year while needing to work as much as poss because I like buying expensive make up and I can no longer live at at home. And I should have loads of work exp because I'm not even a teenager anymore and all my friends have real life jobs."  Damn it. Being adulty is annoying isn't it? I'm naturally the biggest stresser, I have the kind of face that always looks worried even when I'm actually feeling fine. I think in light of a turbulent few years personally, it's driven me further into a journey for perfectionism. (Could be worse, I don't do drugs) but when I viewed things around me as being "broken" I was adamant the same wouldn't be true of me. I was going to excel and drove every emotion into progression. At everything. The problem with this is you can only drive so far without running into the ground. If you constantly strive for next thing, you miss out on the present. My 22nd year went in the blink of an eye and there have been some amazing highlights...I only wish I sat back, took some deep breaths and enjoyed them more intently. Sometimes life's intense and sometimes you have bad days where you can't shake off your mood, but the next day is more often that not brighter. Let this be an uplifting post where we start practicing what we preach:

Unrealistic Expectations

Did you Daily Mail scroll the VS show this week? Like everyday. Erm guilty. I don't usually look at images of models and feel like I need to starve myself or run 10 miles but this week I'll be honest I did think I could do with cutting back on the choc and felt refreshingly motivated to kick ass at the gym. I'm not under any illusion; these girls don't have to juggle Uni, work, blogging and placements with looking that hot. I do. So no I won't be looking like Alessandra any time soon. Everyone is different, has different lifestyles, genetics, and bloody glam squads, so have confidence as long as you're trying your best and living in balance you'll be the best version of yourself, and that is much hotter than being a 2nd best version of Kendall Jenner. 


Following on, the recent controversy surrounding our fave fitness bloggers/ Instagrams not being "real" in my opinion is totally wrong. There are so many girls doing amazing things and keeping this incredibly transparent; namely the #GirlGains movement, we should we enjoying the positives social media gives us for connecting, inspiring and sharing. That said, we all know magazines edit and airbrush, so take them with a pinch of salt. Just because you can't see cellulite doesn't mean it doesn't exist. In a similar vain, you are unlikely to post unflattering photos of yourself, we naturally pick the best ones to share. Everyone talk about 25 selfies before getting "the one". I think it's also important to have regular reality checks. Are you measuring your success by numbers, job title, or some one else's life via the 30 seconds you see on snapchat? Don't do it! You might be comparing your 1st step to someone else's 10th. 


I am so guilty of this: Wanting everything, and wanting it within a week. Trying to race life can be disheartening and if you aren't enjoying the journey then what are you striving for? What are you so impatient to achieve? If you wake up happy and healthy tomorrow, then enjoy it! Yes, have goals and yes work hard, but enjoy the learning curves and the ups/downs in the process. Thank the lord for Hot Pod Yoga, it quite literally grounds me for an hour a week and everyone needs that bit of respite, more regularly than you probably currently give yourself. 

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions    

Chronically indecisive and on the hunt for a six pack while eating ice cream and my dream job while wanting to book 6 week holidays. See my dilemma? Prioritising and decision making ain't always an easy one. Take opportunities when they come, do what you love, do what you're good at and do it with passion. Not everything has to fall into place by the end of the year. You will continue to learn and grow and change, development doesn't stop because you reach a certain age. Always follow instinct, listen to your Mama, and if you don't think it will matter a year from now, don't lose sleep over it. 

How do you bust your anxiety? Do you overthink?

Lots Of Love
B xx 

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