Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Elevate Everyday

Whole outfit: Sweaty Betty 

Small things that make a difference. They really float my boat. While having a slower paced week, far too much procrastination and simply faffing around took place and truth be told, I missed my full steam ahead, fill your diary with every accountable minute approach. I felt more restless than rested, and sods law, I'm now ill. I'm never ill! I think I've had about 2 stomach bugs in my life, I don't play patient very well, I miss the dumbells and satisfaction from a productive day pretty quickly. 

It has got me thinking though, things are far too easily taken for granted and it's only when you can't do something, you miss it. So stop having a moan and see the best in your present situation; you can't change yesterday and you can't control tomorrow. 

Run - If you don't fancy it, do it anyway. You'll never finish a 5k and think "I regret that." You'll probably have a big smile on your face, feel refreshed and looking forward to an incredibly satisfying shower and snack. Simple hey?

Hug - Free and no calories. Find a loved one, tell them you appreciate them and give them a cuddle. Instead of having a ridiculously OTT rant about socks in the washing basket being inside out, take a deep breath and try a hug. Feel the stress melt away. 

Drink Lemon Water - Boiling the kettle at 6.45am for my hot lemon water is now some kind of a ritual. It starts my day, feels Instagramably healthy and it's so good for your body. Instead of scrolling emails with only one eye open, sip on this, take a look out the window, have a stretch and resist picking up your phone for one more moment.  

Do Something Different - To avoid a mojo crash today, switch up your routine and see if you feel more motivated? Trying a new gym class, walk instead of drive, cook a new recipe, speak to someone new. 

Challenge Yourself - My Mum can put up fences, build bookcases and travel abroad alone without having 1 single tantrum. Goals. You don't have to move mountains but overcoming little challenges daily means you'll forever go to sleep feeling fulfilled and proud. 

How do you get the best from yourself?

Lots Of Love
B xx 

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