Saturday, 28 November 2015

Chai Crush

For those of you not following me on Snapchat or Instagram you may not have witnessed my growing love of Chai. The mug and heart emojis are severely overused so I thought I'd perhaps long windedly articulate my love for my best 2015 discovery so far. Tesco Finest Masala Chai and Coconut Milk. 

I first had this kinda combination over in Colorado in the summer 
when I discovered the Americans (obviously) have zillions or variations of Chai. During my weeks there I tried a fair amount of them as a delicious pre bedtime drink. It wasn't however until in a restaurant one evening I tasted the match made in heaven that is chai and coconut. Coconut cream to be precise. It was an amazing after dinner sweet hit that I just had to re-create back home. More yummy than an average cuppa but not as indulgent as a hot chocolate. 


The health benefits to coconut milk make it even more delicious. It's obviously dairy and lactose free so can be enjoyed by vegans or those with intolerances, but it will also give you a powerful punch if Vitamins B12, D2 and Calcium. With the spicy warmth of a hot chai tea it's the ideal creamy, sweet addition for autumn evenings. 

B xx 

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