Thursday, 1 October 2015

Vegan Update

Autumnal colours are so warm and inspiring, a conscious effort to inject them into my wardrobe and diet has been noted. I wear too much black and eat too repetitively. Keeping in line with this it's 5 weeks into #VeganThursdays and I'm totally in my stride. Eating lots of chickpeas and waking up on Friday mornings feeling lighter and brighter are 2 factors I'm loving. 

This may be placebo, or it may be that a meat and dairy free day has this effect, either way I feel good for it. I thought I'd therefore write up a little post if any of you are wanting to try a plant based diet, to demonstrate the kind of foods I've enjoyed on my Thursdays - or any day for that matter. These meals are all meat and dairy free: 


Green Smoothie: 
Frozen mango, frozen banana, coconut milk, spirulina, spinach, ginger and topped with dates and chia seeds (for chunchy chewy nommness.)

Rye toast with peanut butter and banana

Soya Yogurt with fresh fruit and chopped nuts


Salad Bowl: Roasted cajun chickpeas with salsa and mixed green leaves.

Rye toast with smashed avocados or hummus and spinach

Soup: Asian style vegetable broth with lemongrass and chilli 


Green Lentil and Cauliflower curry with basmati rice

Hot Kale and Sweetpotato Deliciously Ella salad  with broccoli, black beans, onion, garlic and brown rice stirred in. (Lemon and balsamic to dress) 

Edamame and vegetable stir fry

Veggie chilli with salad, homemade guac and corn chips

Have you got any great vegan or veggie dishes for me to try? 

B xx 

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