Sunday, 4 October 2015

One Week Later // Half Marathon

Outfit (Top Sweaty Betty, Shorts H&M, Trainers Asics)


I said I was going to be happy with anything under 2 hours, I lied, I really wanted to push for 1.50. 10 weeks of concentrated training and feeling sluggish progress, I wasn't sure if this was realistic or possible, but I reeeeally wanted it. 

The day started with a blanket of grey cloud and a temp of only 9 degrees (teeth chattering) but after 3 miles I felt in a comfortable stride and was warming up nicely. 

6 miles in, still steady, and on track for sub 2 hours, I gulped a mouthful of Lucozade hoping it would add a little more bounce to my stride in the second half. To my surprise I didn't slow at all and miles 10 to 13 were far more pleasurable than I expected. Yes, my legs were aching by this point, but the sky was now blue and the infectiously happy vibe from the runners and spectators totally numbed the fatigue.  

8.5/9 min miles for 13. I can now confirm, this really hurts, but feels really good. The event didn't disappoint and neither did the re-feed andd rest that evening! The volunteers deserve such a huge thank you, the event just gets better every year. So much money was raised for such worthy charities, and so many well deserved personal bests from participants. 

Mission sprinter to distance runner ... complete! For Now. 

Have you run any Half Marathons this year?  What's your next challenge? 

Lots Of Love

B xx 

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