Monday, 19 October 2015

Never. Give. Up.

 Outfit: Sweaty Betty and Adidas   Trainers: Asics
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I'm not a girl that's easily defeated. Put simply I love to excel. Good enough just doesn't cut it. But some days, motivation is low and "life stuff" clouds my tenacity. In work, university, the gym, relationships, sometimes you just can't be bothered. Staying motivated knowing you have a reward or perhaps a holiday in sight during the summer when the weather is warmer and days are longer is somewhat easier than when darker nights approach and everyone seems to have a cold. Long term motivation can be tough, but be mindful of your schedule and actions and you'll find this season much more rewarding. 

Get Outdoors

If I have a late start, one of the most uplifting things I enjoy is getting up at sunrise and going for a jog or a walk. An outdoor workout on a bright, crisp morning really refreshes your mind and body for the day ahead. If I can get into the countryside once a week even better, but even in an urban setting, a dose of fresh air and increased heart rate can be a therapeutic break from any stress and light active recovery for achy muscles.     

Update Your Wardrobe

When you look, good you feel confident and when you feel confident, your perform better. In many disciplines. So make sure the shape, quality and fabrics you work out in are form fitting and sweat wicking. 

Stay Hydrated

Shoutout for herbal teas! In colder weather I find glugging water much more of an effort and I'm forever guilty of not drinking enough. Starting the day with a large herbal tea or hot water with a fresh lemon slice is a great way to kick start your system after a long sleep. Keeping hydrated is so important for concentration and getting the most out of everything.  

Sensual Smells

Since finding my love of Hot Pod Yoga I've become a bit obsessed with relaxing essential oils and having my flat smelling like a spa. During the dark winter nights I find it really therapeutic to have calming, subtle aromas in the place I want to chill. Home.  


Positivity is so rewarding. For yourself and for infectiously, unintentionally making others' day. When you wake up each morning this week, make mental note to approach situations with a can do thought and see how much more you get out of it. 

Lots Of Love

B xx  


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