Monday, 12 October 2015

Keeping It Simple

The smile you see on faces when you give or receive flowers is so infectious. That small gesture that often speaks a thousand words and truly makes someones day. Acts of kindness we don't do nearly enough that shift life back into perspective are oh so worthy of a thought. The simplicity and beauty of my fresh flowers lead to somewhat of a reflection. Keep things simple. 

Flowers bloom, we grow, things change. I'm a serious overthinker and stress head, but the world doesn't stop turning and life wont wait while I battle with my bad mood and panicking over insignificant matters. So take a deep breathe, organise your thoughts and if all else fails, add an extra yoga class to your diary.    

Last week I gave and received flowers and tonight I'll drift off to sleep noting giving and generosity feel good. 

Lots Of Love

B xx 

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