Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Talking About Change

Mid September and it's time for a reflective ramble. 

How we've got to Autumn so quickly I'll never know. I'm a summer girl through and through, and this week it's felt thoroughly like change is in the air. The weather, my outfit choices, the darker evenings and new academic year within touching distance. My Summer buzz has fizzled out and I've noticed feeling energised has become more of a challenge. For me this time of year is usually synonymous with a dip in my mood, a dip in my energy and rise in my stress levels. This September is no different, but my response to these symptoms will be. I've spent the Summer somewhat pondering and evaluating the good, the bad and the ugly of situations life threw up and how I dealt with them, taking lessons from mistakes and praising my conscious for when the bad was well handled. Reaping from it, really, all you can do is embrace the inevitable and let go of what's not in your control. (That's the tough bit.) 

My perspective on reacting and adapting to change is the fresh bit. The new addition to my psyche this year is... in a nutshell...rationalisation. At almost 23, in the blink of an eye I've feel more self assured, than ever before. Failures, successes, relationships and CHANGE since the beginning of my adulthood have all shaped and transformed me into who I am today. There's been vast adjustments to just about every life category; family, occupation, location, relationship, friendships, home. Reflecting and thinking *wooahhh thats's a lot, cut yourself some slack Bec* has it's place - Had some doors not closed - new ones may not have opened. 

In light of this, I think I've narrowed my not-so-much-experience- life lessons down into 3 main points; which may be applicable to you, if, like me, you're an overthinker with alot on your emotional plate.  

1. It's ok to cry.

2. You aren't the only person to ever go through this.

3. Adaptability is key. Think Dynamic not Static. 

Here's to hoping I read this back in another 5 years, "awwing" at my innocence, with more experiences and game changers under my belt, armed with only positive ammunition and perspective. 


B xx  

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