Thursday, 10 September 2015

How To Beat Burning Out

Sometimes life really takes it out of you. I seem to find myself in vicious circles of overcommitting or over working and taking on too many projects to juggle and collapsing in emotional "why am I so useless" tantrums when it all gets a bit too much. I thrive on being busy, but there's a fine line between being busy, and running yourself into the ground. When you're ill for the first week of a holiday as your body finally relaxes, it's definitely a sign to relax your lifestyle when returning home. 

Every time these episodes happen, I (try) to have a word with myself, eat too much chocolate, the boyfriend intervenes with a pep talk, and then about 6 weeks later I need another reminder. Serial Offender? I am. 

This post therefore comes as a little reminder to myself as things get hectic, and as advice to others who feel "meltdown ready". Sometimes a pair of listening ears and some new ideas to break bad habits is all you need...

1. Walk

Walking to the gym, to work or to Uni (where and when possible) ensures your day starts with a clearer head. Moving your legs and getting some fresh air helps massively with reducing stress and waking yourself up. Can you walk more often? Reduce your buses or walk between Tube stations? Maybe re-schedule your diary to allow an extra 10 minutes and prioritising some fresh air and thinking time.
2. Persevere With Yoga

I'm no Yogi. 5 months into consciously going to classes every week however, and I'm honestly now enjoying my practice. I fit in just 1 hour a week and the relaxation and calm it brings, ensures my feet are firmly (literally) on the ground. For me I've found it's a great accompaniment to my high intensity, sweaty workouts for stretching and slowing down thoughts. Exercising hard when you're body feels tight and stressed may do more harm than good, so on these days, give yoga a try instead and have a hot bath.   

3. Chat 

How many times have you said you're ok when actually you aren't, you just can't be bothered to explain the issue that's bugging you. Probably many times. Call someone who knows you well and get it all off your chest. Engage with them and be interested about their day and lives. Take the focus of yourself and onto helping someone else. This may help you realise your stresses are over exaggerated or simply chatting to someone else, aids in answering your worries without even trying. 
4. Add a Sprinkle Of Context 

Have a think about the bigger picture. Why is it that you do the job you do? Do you value the friendships you have? Are you making progress in your fitness goals? If there isn't a positive or passionate response the these questions maybe it's time for a change, If deep down you know you do generally get enjoyment from them, then maybe just a little perspective is necessary. Hard work and a can do attitude goes a long way - but you can't be wonderwoman everyday.    

5. Let Your Hair Down      

If you have to think long and hard about the last time you had a great night out, or day with the girls, or laughed til your tummy hurt then stop right now and schedule something in your diary.  Have a reward for your accomplishments. Don't just buy something, experience something and refresh yourself.  

Lots Of Love

B xx 


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