Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Why I Workout On Holiday

Hiking. Isn't that a much better word that walking? Hiking is scenic, energetic, fun. Walking is boring.  On a recent trip the West Coast I whole heartedly fell in love with "Hiking." Blessed with some amazing views, a great glute workout and tanning along the way it's now a firm favourite in the Holiday Workout category, which lets face it, sometimes looks a bit bleak. 

There are millions of excuses we all use to get out of any form of exercise on holiday. Sometimes your body is just ready for a total break and a few days of relaxation does no harm. But do you really need 2 weeks of barely even walking? Probably not. Working out on holiday also gets a bit of a bad rep and I'm not sure why because it makes you feel amazing! If an opportunity arises to do Yoga on the beach or power walk up the Santa Monica Mountains then I'll take it thank you. 

I'm definitely not saying you should spend hours in the gym. You should't feel like you "should" do anything on holiday. It's your well deserved time off, so enjoy it. But could you take it as an opportunity to try something different, feel new experiences, stay energised and learn to adapt to your surroundings. Your body will love the variation and you'll get the chance to grow your fitness repertoire and keep your metabolism ticking over.   

Just as I eat seasonally, I workout seasonally. What new cultures, foods and activities can you embrace while you're away to ensure you return home feeling the best version of yourself? Changing your expectations and focus to meet your holiday lifestyle is a sure way of maximising the enjoyment you'll get from your time away and allows capacity for you to absorb some amazing memories!

Happy Holidays.

Lots Of Love

B xx 


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