Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Day As A Vegan

For ages now I've been really keen to convert to a much cleaner and leaner lifestyle through reducing my intake of meat and animal products. Since watching Hollie Wakeham's glowing transformation into Veganism I've been totally inspired and finally took the plunge on Thursday. From now on, Thursday's are Vegan days! Starting with just 1 day a week allows it to not be too impacting on convenience and our current lifestyle while still getting creative in the kitchen and exploring veganism a little deeper. 

You may be wondering why I'm doing this. Well, why not? From research and reading and following many people who have made this lifestyle change, I've not heard a single negative. Positive side effects however have been great skin, hair, loads of energy, no bloating etc etc. I am curious to see how reducing meat and dairy from my diet will make me feel. Clearly only doing 1 day a week, results aren't going to be conclusive but for now, that's the routine i'm going to go with. 

There are differing ways to live a plant based diet. Put simply there are 3 main categories to Vegan living. Follow either high fat, high carb, Raw til 4 - whereby no cooked food is eaten until dinner, or 80-10-10 (80% Carbs from fruit and veg, 10% fats from avacados, seeds and nuts and 10% protein, from pulses and legumes).

These ways of eating are pretty self explanatory, but one common similarity is portion sizes need to be BIG as obviously many fruits and vegetables are not that high calorie. Common habits for high carb vegans include eating whole melons or 6 bananas in 1 smoothie. I currently don't plan on eating to quite this extreme but it's fascinating to explore the ways of life others embrace. 

I am in no way a nutritionist or dietician, I just have an interest in this lifestyle and a love of food. I love reading food diary blogs and thought you guys might too?

So, here's how I enjoyed my first Vegan Thursday.... Let me know if you have an amazing recipes or tips.


The Coconut Collaborative Mango and Passionfruit Yogurt Alternative and a Cocoa Chaos Trek Bar.
This was post 3 mile run! 


Homemade Spinach, Green Lentil, Black Bean and Avocado Salad 


Roasted Butternut Squash stuffed with Chickpeas, Red Onion and Peppers with a Side Salad


Chopped Apple and Trail Mix
Honeydew Melon
85% Dairy Free Chocolate 


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