Sunday, 30 August 2015

Half Marathon Training Diary // Week 5

You can't win them all. 

That sentence pretty much sums up this week. It's totally unreasonable to expect that progress when training for anything will be linear. Sequential improvements week by week - that's what I wanted and that's what I expected when embarking on this challenge .(Silly I know) So when you think it's all hunky dory and then you run a really slow run, feeling fatigued and low in motivation, it knocks your confidence. 

Photos: Melody Armstrong 

This was Wednesday. By Saturday I had my bounce back and ran a PB in a 5km of 23 mins 17 seconds. Blood, sweat and tears I swear, but I did it. Peaks and troughs have defined this week, and i've come realise Wednesdays struggle 7 miler was most likely a mixture of over training and not having my "I can do this" attitude. Hence Saturday - with a positive attitude and more rested body, my performance was better. Not rocket science eh? When rationalising it and writing the words, looking back on the amount I've done this week it seems logical to see these were probably my hindrances. In the thick of it all however, it's frustrating. When you can't find that 6th gear and you desperately need it and want it.

Nonetheless, I got a few miles in and we're now less than a month til the big day. Will I learn from my mistakes?  Only time will tell...

B xx 

AM - HIITBOXX Circuit Class  

AM - HIITBOXX Circuit Class   //  PM - Upper Body Weights

AM - 7 Mile Run (1hr 4mins)  //    PM - HIITBOXX 

AM - Crossfit Nottingham  //   PM - Sivananda Yoga @ Bahia


3 Mile (5km) Park Run - New PB of 23mins 17secs 


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