Sunday, 2 August 2015

Half Marathon Training Diary // Week 1

The 8 week countdown has begun! O M GGGG. 

Am I prepared?   No. 
Do I feel running fit?   Not really. 
Am I questioning why I've entered?   Absolutely.

Hmmm. I hope I'm not alone in feeling these emotions when facing a half marathon. I'm not a distance runner, never have been. But I'm faking it til I make it!

You may be wondering why I've opted to race this gruelling 13.1 miles in just a few weeks time, I have recently also wondered. But the truthful answer is I just bloody love a challenge. Especially physical ones that require so much effort you cry with happiness and exhaustion once they're over. I won't be breaking any records or winning any medals, but I will be satisfying the tenacious, addictive, go hard or go home need I seem to have within me. And getting super fit in the process. Win, win. 

Photo Credit: Melody Armstrong 

In my research mission I've found so many amazing blogs, interviews, training programmes and fellow nutters taking on the Robin Hood Half also. I'll be honest however, it all gets a little confusing with SO much differing advice out there. The main pointers I've taken so far are:  
1) Run 3-4 days a week.   
2) Gradually build up the distance of your longer runs. 
3) Include threashold/interval training. 

There should also be another point addressing how to get out the front door and face a 10 miler when you just fancy an hour of Yoga. Having a moan for 5 mins then just getting on with it is so far the remedy.  

To track my running the next 8 weeks therefore I'm calling this a diary. So welcome! Please leave me tips and motivation if you wish!

Lots Of Love

B xx 

Week 1




AM: Hot Pod Yoga  PM: Circuit Training HIIT Class 


Chest/Shoulders Weights Session 


AM: 6 miles jog (52 mins) PM: Hiitboxx Class 




Leg Weights Session


3 miles jog ( not timed)  


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