Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Ice Cream Dream Feat. Booja Booja

"Deeply rich, truffley smooth chocolate dairy free luxury ice cream alternative made with cashew nuts". 

I was sold immediately after reading that sentence.

For a long time i've seen Booja Booja cropping up on the Instagrams' of flawless favourites Millie Mac, Madeleine Shaw and Deliciously Ella and a couple of weeks ago I finally got my hands on a tub. (Thanks mega Ocado discount.)  If you have no idea what or who Boojo Booja are - they are an award winning Vegan chocolate and ice cream alternative brand. So yes that means no dairy, totes organic, gluten free, refined sugar free, and even soya free products. 

They basically offer completely guilt free moments of indulgence - If you have a sweet tooth you will totally fall in love with this brand. For a Friday night treat it's just perfection. Their Ice Cream alternative is available in 5 flavours each with intriguing names to match the originality of their combinations. 

>Coconut Hullabaloo
>Hunky Punky Chocolate
>Fiesty Rollercoastery Ginger
>Keep Smiling Vanilla M'Gorilla
>Pompompous Maple Peacan

... Are you drooling yet? Their clean and wholesome flavours only 
contain 4/5 carefully sourced ingredients and are sweetened with plant based Agave Syrup. I wasn't expecting the Hunky Punky to taste quite so rich and creamy as it did, with the absence of milk and cream I was skeptical of how similar to real ice cream it could be but I was totally amazed at how well creamy blended cashews substituted the dairy.  

All in all it contains just: 

Water, Agave Syrup*, Cashew Nuts*, Cocoa Powder* (5.5%).
*=organically grown ingredients.

I would thoroughly recommend it as a summery dessert if you want something satisfying and with some nutritional value! Resisting eating the whole tub in one go however, is a definite challenge I'll leave you to battle with... 

B xx 

Check out their website here to find your local stockist >> Booja Booja

Have you tried the truffles before?  What healthy desserts would you recommend? 

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