Saturday, 13 June 2015

HIIT with HiitBoxx Nottingham

Since leaving home around 4 years ago and taking more of an interest in fitness and nutrition my body as taken a bit of a battering. It's only when you sit back and review progress or look back on your schedule you realise quite how much you expect of your body or sometimes how unrealistic and high pressured your expectations are. 

In recent weeks i've spoken about how I'm persevering with yoga and varying my workout routines somewhat to be flexible with how I'm feeling and other commitments - instead of bull-dozing through intense workouts, leaving no time for warm downs or really even considering my 3 day D.O.M. S may be a sign I need a rest day or lighter session. 

Instead of a monotonous 5 day a week weights programme (with 2 cardio and 1 abs specific session thrown in) I've promised myself June will be more varied and nurturing. - Still highly active but meditation, outdoor running and functional strength training will play a larger part. 

With that said, I've recently become fond of HiitBoxx. A new boutique group circuit class utilising body weight, boxing, kettlebell, skipping and battle rope training. The class is all made up of compound movements to ensure maximum effort from the whole body during 30 minutes. It's a great compliment to a strength programme or even marathon training to provide an overall cardio blast. Experox Sports Performance host the classes in Nottingham, (So if you're local be sure to check them out!)  The support and structure a class workout provides is great to do once a week to maintain motivation and ENJOY your workouts. It's over before you know it and you'll leave feeling satisfied and full of feel good endorphines. - Just remember to warm down... 

If you don't get that "feel great" vibe after your workouts, how about you mix them up too? If you want to get involved with HiitBoxx be sure to keep your eyes out for classes and keep up to date with Instagram and check out my photo diary below. 

Maybe I'll see you there.

B xx 


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