Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Fuel Your Fitness

So 4pm comes around and you feel a bit peckish. You're off to the gym after work and probably won't eat dinner til about 8pm... Yay it must be snack time. 

For years I was getting my nutrition all wrong, and i'm still not quite there, (who really, honestly is?) but this year the penny has dropped that fuelling your body properly and at the right time results in a much better, stronger and powerful workout - leaving you with some feel good vibes and being satisfied with your efforts. 

My new favourite, SO moreish, better-for-you-than-a-cookie snack is The Food Doctor's Roasted Bean Mix. A handful before you hit a round of circuits will give you the boost you need and more importantly, they taste incredible. Portion control is crucial, a bag should last you 8 servings, but it can't be denied as an alternative to nuts this mix packs a punch. 

I grabbed mine in Waitrose, but you can read up on the delights of the brand and and fill your basket here. They provide you with more fibre and protein than crisps but the same crunchy, lightly salted yumminess. 

Smiles all round.  


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