Monday, 11 May 2015

Workout Of The Week: Weights For Runners

When already spending hours a week training for a half or full marathon or ultra distance event the thought of adding strength and power training to your already bursting agenda feels like you're really just pushing your luck with your motivation. How can your body and mind juggle one more commitment? Time efficient training has never been more important.

You don't need to cancel your social life to get results - sometimes we all just need a little guidance or fresh ideas to keep progressing and keep life balanced. I like to maintain some strength and more importantly I enjoy lifting weights and doing high intensity classes, your programme shouldn't all be about getting results, you must do because you love it! 
So here's some things to try to get the best out of your schedule...

1. Plyometric Training

Plyometric training has been proved to activate different muscle recruitment pattens and activate fast twitch muscle fibres, which aren't done when running long distances. To put simply, when these are activated in plyometric training you're teaching your body to also reply on fast twitch which able to move your legs faster and push harder when this is muscle recruitment is maximised, resulting in faster times. Happy days! 

Box Jumps / 12 

Burpees / 12 

Single Leg Hops / 15 forward to backward and 15 side to side  on 

Leg Bounds / 30m 2-3 Times

Bench Toe Taps / 20-40 

2. Dumbbell Complexes

You can do a variety of exercises within 1 circuit that are going to work your body all over and they require minimal equipment. Do your more explosive power movements at the beginning of the circuit while you are fresher to generate as much force as you can! You will definitely feel tired at the end of the circuit, but that's great! It stimulates race day when you are uber fatigued but have to just keep going! 

Jump Squatsdumbbells held at sides / 5 reps
Alternating Reverse Lungesdumbbells held at sides / 5 reps per leg
Single Leg Deadliftdumbbells held in front of thighs / 5 reps per leg
Curtsey Lunge / dumbbells front loaded / 5 reps per leg
Alternating Jump Lunge / dumbbells held at sides / 5 reps per leg
Dumbbell Front Squatsdumbbells front loaded / 5 reps
Side Step Lungedumbbells front loaded / 5 reps per side
Kettlebell Swing / 10 reps
Tuck Jumpsdumbbells held at sides / 5 reps


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