Saturday, 2 May 2015

Style Diary: I Still Love Wedge Hightops

So when i'm not in gym gear, you may find me in jeans and a blouse with my face in a coffee table book / magazine or procrasting over uni reports. I LOVE spring fashion where you can walk around in Olivia Palermo inspired gladrags and not be freezing cold. Damn British April Showers.  

So onto outfits!...You know those items in your wardrobe that are getting really old but you just can't let go of? My River Island Wedge High Tops are such an item for me. 2 years after purchase they are still as comfy and versatile as ever and i'm not quite ready to give them up. 

Winter, Summer, Work, Play, is there a day we can't sneak these pair into our attire? Not many. Skinny Jeans, plain tea, job done. 

What's your go to sunny day look? 

B xx


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