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An Interview with Sarah Harrison: Owner of Hot Pod Yoga Nottingham

 For me it's 100% now that time of the year I want to start feeling super fit and content with my body. How it looks and how it feels, I think everyone wants that lovely summer glow but feeling refreshed isn't always so do-able! There are some amazing women who inspire me everyday. Most recently I met the wonderful Hot Yoga Pro Sarah Harrison, who launched the Nottingham brand of Hot Pod last year. So here's my interview with Sarah, I hope you enjoy reading and learning as much as I did. X 

How and when did Hotpod Yoga Nottingham first come about? 
It was set up as a franchise by two fantastic guys in London, around the same time that pop-up everything was hitting big.  I was first introduced to the Hotpod concept by a friend who was on the same teacher training course as me;  she went on to start Hotpod Yoga South Birmingham & Solihull whilst I observed from the sidelines with interest - I went to her classes and was hooked, so HPYNotts launched in September 2014.

How long have you been practising Yoga?
I started in 1998 with Hatha and was first introduced to the concept of hot yoga via Bikram in London around 2000

Can you describe Hotpod in a nutshell?
Hotpod Yoga is one of the strongest yet most nurturing practices that I have ever done.... strong because of the dynamic flow of movement with the breath, challenging your balance, core strength and mental focus.  Nurturing because of the environment and the physical space itself:  low lit, warm, aromatic with a relaxing blend of oils and somehow cocoon-like, as your busy outside world stops for 60 minutes you just know you are doing yourself so much good in there!

Describe a typical day in the life of Sarah Harrison...
My days run much the same way:  Up early and out to teach, I like to get to the venue in good time so I am not under pressure setting up and I can chat to people coming in.  Classes are generally done by 1030am so 30mins to pack up and then drive home, where I generally land around midday.  Shower, lunch, admin, social media or maybe my own exercise time follows - I will try to eat again around 4pm, then it's back out again anywhere between 4-6pm to go and set up the pod again and teach evening classes.  Home anywhere between 8.30 and 10.30pm, relaxing bath and a bit of admin, then sleep.  

What does you exercise routine look like?
Since teaching Hotpod I have become very protective over my own personal exercise space! This year I have vowed to make every minute count so I have been trying new stuff (climbing) and picking back up with things that I love (tennis), I have also started to explore different styles of yoga (Iyengar) and I love going to someone else's hot yoga studio on my monthly trips to visit friends in Cheshire.

What do you eat in a typical day?
Every day starts with a smoothie from my Vitamix with fruit, yoghurt and nuts - I don't like eating early so this seems like a good compromise and keeps me going til midday.  Lunch tends to be quick, maybe a frittata or scrambled chilli eggs, and more Vitamix soups in the winter.  Some days I really crave carbs, setting up the pod is pretty physical so I tend to listen to my body, I might do some pasta mid afternoon.  I don't eat an evening meal if I have been teaching, it all just feels too heavy and late, but I might have some toast and marmite if I am hungry.  On days off an evening meal feels like a lovely luxury, I adore Indian food (current fave is my paneer jalfrezi) and my husband cooks the best ever Sunday roast.  
What gets you out of bed in a morning? 
I am a morning person so it's not an issue for me, but I genuinely love what I do anyway so I bounce out most mornings.

Where are your favourite places to eat out on Nottingham? 
I totally love Wired on Pelham Street;  I could happily survive forever on their mushrooms on toast with spinach, egg and posh beans on sourdough - and of course it would be very rude indeed to not nip into Sweaty Betty afterwards!  

Have you got any exciting plans for Hot Pod Nottingham in the future? 
This year I will be launching a second pod in Nottingham, plans are a little under wraps at the moment, suffice to say you can expect to see a more permanent Hotpod studio coming to the city soon...

What are your tips for beginners wanting to get into Yoga?
I truly believe that there is a yoga style for everyone, have a little experiment with different types; and don't ever worry about not being bendy, yoga is all about your body and working with that, there is no good or bad in yoga, only you. 

For more information on Hot Pod Yoga visit  Twitter @HotPodYogaNotts  or you can book classes here 


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