Tuesday, 26 May 2015

5 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning

2015 has so far been an amazing year for learning, growing and accepting things in all areas of my life. The concept of "healthy" is definitely something that has changed in my mindset. Health is not just about eating lots of salads, it's about feeling contentment, living sustainably, happily and fuelling your body in the way that works best for you. 

I've put together 5 tips that ensures from the moment you wake up, you can be the healthiest version of yourself, whatever stage of life you're in. This ritual is my go to when i've fallen off the wagon!

1. Drink Hot Lemon Water 

Making your first decision of the day a good one will set you on the right track straight away. Hot lemon water is amazing for aiding digestion and hydrating your body after a nights sleep. 

2. Schedule To Do's

Assign yourself tasks you know you are capable of ticking off that day!  Don't just make a to do list, make an action plan. 

Prioritise your list, and fit them into your day. Will they be done first thing in the morning or after lunch? This will totally remove the anxiety from having an overwhelming list of things to fit into your day. 

3. Move!

There must be 100 reasons why moving in the morning is good for you. For me I find it's stress relieving, energising and head clearing. Have a stretch, go for a run, walk the dog, your day will be more positive and satisfying as a result. 

4. Visualize 

Create your ideal day in your head when you wake up. If you start your day with that positive visualisation and intention, it will most likely happen. Turn your negative or upsetting thoughts into do able actions that will contribute to your perfect day and help you achieve your end goal!  

5. Eat Breakfast

Can you give 100% if you're hungry? No. Put some vitamins and energy fuel in your tank and leave the house nourished. 

How do you stay balanced?

B xx 

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