Monday, 13 April 2015

Workout Of The Week: Stretch Yourself

So this year my resolution was to stretch more. 2015 the year I was going to be flexible. 

I seem great at cramming in as much high intensity and as many weights into session before realising the time and flying out the gym still a hot sweaty mess. Cool down? Never. Stretch? Rarely. If it didn't burn calories I wasn't interested. 
My body usually aches somewhere and my muscles were getting confused. I've been lifting weights in the gym since I was about 15 and am a naturally un-flexible being, so when it got to the point last year I couldn't touch my toes or sit cross legged some stretchy action needed to take place.  

I therefore decided scheduling in some kind of warm down needed to become part of my routine, no excuses. 

....*4 Months Later....* 

A weekly/fortnightly hour long stretching session in the form Pilates or Yoga is usually a fixture in my diary and I can now touch my toes, yay! 

Much to my annoyance, consistency and patience is definitely key. 

Surprisingly, however i'm now even starting to enjoy the feeling from progressing with my flexibility and the mental break it gives my mind. Having a lie on the mats with a chilled tune and closing your eyes for 5 mins is a rather lovely way to end your workout, or in-fact your day.  

Taking those moments to cool your body down will make you less susceptible to injury and help your muscles recover quicker, meaning you may even be able to walk down stairs after leg day. 


The world of Yoga and Flexi's has taught me to focus on what my body can do, rather than how my body looks. And that freshness is fabulous

Here are my ultimately most satisfying poses. Obviously it's best to stretch the muscles most specific to your workout. What are your faves? 

B xx 

Image Source: WorkOutLabs


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