Friday, 10 April 2015

How To: Beat The Cravings

Cravings. Hmmm. Pesky little feelings that crop up and ruin our feel good vibes. I'm guilty of late night snacking and rummaging for sugar fixes but I think it's important for us all to understand that cravings sneak up due to a number of reasons, there's more to it than just "will power". Through learning what suits me, researching and reading, I've found there are a few real steps to take in preventing them in the first place and thought i'd share with you all.  

If the causes are understood, it's easier to tackle them! 

1) Curb The Carbs - Ensure your most carbohydrate filled meals are pre and or post workout. 

2) Get Your Beauty Sleep - The magic 8 hours. Wowzers that's a good one. Hunger is a feeling often confused with tiredness or thirst, so lets rule this out and make sure we are bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. 

3) You're Dehydrated. - How much water have you drunk today? 2 ltrs? Nope? Keep drinking then. 

4) You Need a Change Of Routine - I always notice when I'm abroad my eating habits change for the better. Is your current eating schedule fuelling your lifestyle best? Do you eat out of bordem or due to stress? 

5) Irregular Eating - Once you feel hunger, your body is in energy crash mode. You should eat little and often, meal, snack, meal snack etc every 2.5 - 3 hours. I've found the approximate schedule that works best for me is: 
7.45 Breakfast
10.30 Coffee and Snack
13.30pm Lunch
16.00 Snack
19.30 Dinner 
Our bodies are all different and our lives are all different but generally having a pattern your body can get used to is favourable for your kicking your metabolism and energy levels into gear and preventing energy crashes and cravings. 

6) Cupboard Frenemies - What do your have in the house that could lead to a dangerous "scoff the whole lot" weak moment? Have a think. The remove it. This is my favourite tip because it's the easiest. Don't put it in your trolley in the first place. If it's a treat, buy a 1 size portion and enjoy it but then have peace of mind it's gone until your next due an indulgence! 

If you are perfectly content, stimulated and happy, cravings do tend to crop up less frequently, so wish me luck on my forever battle with mind serenity vs mind chaos. 

B xx 


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