Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Camera Lies

The Camera Lies. True Story. 

If you follow any gym bunnies on Instagram, you've no doubt come across the hashtag #TransformationTuesday. I love all the social media inspiration but sometimes you just need a reality check. Hence, today's ramblings.  

How long do you think was it between these two photos? 

It was actually 2 minutes. 

My abs in the 2nd photo look a bit more defined and a lovely brown tummy is always more desirable. But it's the first photo - bad angle, bad light, pale skin that is more of a true representation of my body's current state... And one that I wouldn't usually dream of sharing. Is just not Insta worthy is it?  We're conditioned to expect flawless pics only. 

People posting their transformation photos showcasing their journeys to achieving more muscle, toned muscle, less body fat, more strength, defined abs... the list goes on, is becoming more common. It can be great to have a little snoop and admire the motivation and success others have, however I can't help but feel it's just another phenomenon contributing to self loathing, body hating and comparison of others. You cannot believe every photo you see on social media and take them as a representation for how that person looks in real life. 

It's often forgotten that the secret to a good photo is all about the angle and lighting. The girls looking tanned and flawless on Insta may not be tanned and flawless in reality...Yet the moment the thought "she's amazing, why don't I look like that?" enters our head, that rationale is forgotten and confidence is damaged. 

Using light properly, knowing how to pose and covering imperfections with a filter are definitely features of a transformation photo we decide not to shout from the rooftops. You never know what's going on behind that camera lens so next time you see a dubiously perfect selfie, remember the editing, tensing, tanning and 5000 attempts it took to achieve it. 

Sometimes, we just need a REALITY CHECK! 

Be your healthiest, happiest, most sustainable self. 

B xx 


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