Sunday, 8 March 2015

Fitness Is Getting Fitter

The most relaxing part of my day, is when i'm physically most exhausted.  For me exercise has always been a great stress reliever, distraction from "stuff" and general passion. Running, love. Lifting Weights, love. Spinning, love. Swimming, love. 

I was lucky enough to have been brought up by fit and active parents and from a young age my brother and I have been competitive and fairly good at the sporty stuff you do as kids. However it's not necessarily until adulthood that you become grateful for having an innate love for an active lifestyle. And i've noticed it doesn't come easy to everyone. I think it's fair to say the media have not always made it appear glamorous to sweat or feminine to lift weights. And people are quick to judge if "you're eating rabbit food again." Recently though there's been a huge shift concerning the fitness industry winning over former non exercisers and I reckon alot of it's(aswell as utterly motivational #TrainLikeAnAngel vlogs and gorge Millie Mac donning the cover of Women's Health") down to the amazing new gym bunny collections coming from the British High Street. I for one am loooooving it! Fitness meets fashion is at an all time high. 

During my time of training and competing, workout gear was very much just for working out, I would never have worn it in public. It may be that as i'm getting older i'm more comfortable in my own skin, but workout clothes are now more of  statement, contributing to feeling confident and well, not just frumpy black leggings that wriggle down and unflattering shaped tops that don't pull down long enough. 

If you are a newbie to exercise, you want to feel great from the get go and a little splurge on gym stuff, never fails to be a huge pick me up! So, if you need a little nudge in the squat direction, here are my top places to purchase some amaze kick-up-the-arse workout gladrags. 

Above: Trainers: Asics. Shorts: H&M. Top: Decathlon. 
Below: Trainers: Nike Free Run. Leggings: Sweaty Betty. Hoody: H&M

1. H&M

Very purse friendly and good quality, online and in-store = winning! 

2. Active In Style 

Gorgeous new brand bringing you fitness gear from the best in the industry worldwide. Affordable and incredibly inspirational with the use of real PT's and fit girls to model their clothes. 

3. Fabletics

Kate Hudson's new venture doesn't fail to disappoint. She's always been a girl crush of mine, and now she's gone and started a fab fitness fashion brand. It's super affordable and super well designed. 

4. Missguided Active

I'm sure you've all heard of but had you noticed they have a whole new section to their website called Active? It's not to be missed! I have a loooong wish list on there right now. The quality of their collection may not be so durable or technical, but the prices are very purse friendly and there are a few gems! (I'll got a workout gear haul and review soon.)

5. Sweaty Betty

Anyone who knows me will have probably noticed my obsession with SB. I simply adore them. Now, they aren't a cheap brand, leggings tend to cost between £80 and £90 but I would argue, worth every penny. The fit, durability and quality are unbeatable. The detail, care and story behind every design ensures the brand is impossible not to love. Their community and #FitForFree campaigns are also fab so join in while you browse! 

I do also adore Adidas and Nike as my go to brands, and they continue to deliver but be sure to check out these other brands if you fancy an injection of colour and confidence. 

Happy Calorie Burning!

B xx 


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