Sunday, 1 March 2015

Feel Good February

Every year when February comes around I feel a huge relief. My thinking tends to go along the lines of; I survived the gloom of January (yay!) and Feb is so short it's basically Spring. 

The change of month usually gives me a massive kick up the bum, mentally and physically, and this year was no different.  I changed my routine at the gym, lined up a load of new healthy repipes to try, and put my "I've got this" head on. 

So here we are now at the end of the month, and being a little reflective I thought I'd share a little recap of feel good products, meals and STUFF i've discovered or re-kindled my love for this February. 

"Next time you think of beautiful things, don't forget to count yourself in." 

Garnier Summer Body
It's an oldie but a goodie. One of my go to cheaper products. I've found it to be the best best gradual tan lotion on the highstreet. It goes on evenly, absorbs into your skin quickly and only smells quite mild. I use the Deep Sun Kissed and find it takes about 3 applications to see a colour change in my skin. It's light and natural and leaves your skin soft. 

Garnier Ultimate Anti Cellulite Oil
This is my new love. Firstly, it smells DEVINE! The fragrance is fresh with mandarin, lemon and grapefruit scents - I could literally bathe in the stuff. Secondly, there's something utterly self indulgent and therapeutic about massaging your thighs and stomach in oil after a shower and thirdly, it's not greasy. I'm under no illusion that these "anti cellulite" products actually decrease cellulite, BUT after using it every day for a week, my skin is a bit firmer and feels uber soft and moisturised. Great for holiday prep I would say. 

Origins Gin Zing Energy Boosting Moisturiser
This lovely pot of zingy-ness is now my go to moisturiser. I'm on my third pot, and in my opinion it's worth every penny. Origins are fast becoming one of my favourite skin care brands, partly due to their products being so gorgeous and wholesome for your skin and ethical conscience and partly because they perfectly bridge the gap between having to re-mortgage your house for the sake of your face, and not wanting to lather yourself in something cheaper and mediocre. This Ginzing costs £23 in Boots and would last me about 3 months. It's really light to apply and really re-vitalises tired skin. It's "fortified with legendary skin-boosters like Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean, jumpstarts hydration levels."  - Boots UK. You feel all lovely and glowy after application. Yay for when you're skin's been through a long British winter. 

Burberry My Burberry Perfume 
I received this gorgeous scent for Xmas, after falling in love with the fragrance and looking to embrace my inner Cara/Kate having seen the Burberry ads. I'm a sucker for Marketing, but this really is fab. Inspired by London Gardens, fresh after rain, it's kind of floral, kind of sweet, and kind of citrusy. Although definitely not sickly. It's just perfection. Even the bottle top looks like the button from a trench coat. I think i'll be sticking to this little British gem for a long time.

"Good food    good mood"

Courgette and Butter Bean Bowl. 

My new munch this Feb came in the form of this warm salad. When you think "salad" don't fall into the trap of thinking "uugghhh more leaves". This is 100% leaf free and so sooo delicious!

It also happens to be full of nutrients and take about 15 mins to cook. Inspired by a Women's Health article, i've perfected my own recipe suitable for student budgets and flat tummies. 

Here's how to whip it up: 
(serves 2)

*2 rashers of good quality smoked back bacon.
*1 tin of butter beans
*2 courgettes (sliced into chunks) 
*Half a savoy cabbage (finely shredded) 
*1 clove of garlic
*1 tsp mixed herbs

Photo cred (Womens Health)

Method - there isn't really one. It's too simple! You basically just fry it.

Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a pan, add the bacon and garlic, fry for a min, add the cabbage, fry for several mins, add the courgette, fry for several more mins, add the butter beans, .... you get the picture.

I would suggest using a deep frying pan with a lid, and once all the ingredients are added, let them soften in their own steam until cooked, giving a stir every so often. 

Season generously and serve with a sprinkle of crushed walnuts and parmesan. 

So ... there we have it, my little guide to a feel good month. Now eat your greens, do your squats and don't let boys be mean to you. 

B xx 



  1. The Burberry perfume smells SO amazing ! ♥

  2. I need to make the salad! It must be yummy.

  3. Awesome blog, I swear by the garnier tinted moisturiser!! x


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