Saturday, 28 March 2015

Budget Beauty Buys

3 for 2 in Boots.. on all make up. 

Now there's an offer you can't refuse! I've never been much of a beauty queen, i'm pretty crap at make up and i've never liked my hair but I love to feel good and take care of my skin... God loves a trier! So I thought do a quick post on some new bits I've found and wanted to share. 

I adore a Saturday afternoon browse around the shops and this past weekend I had my eye on a few bits I've been wanting to test. My make up bag is a total mix of budget buys and brands and longer lasting more expensive products. I do have a few staple faves, but I like to try new things and suss out the hype around new launches for myself. 

On the shopping list was Barry M Quick Dry, NEW Rimmel Liquid Highlighter, NEW Rimmel Brow Kit, Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Serum.So, without further a do... here's what I think of them! 

Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Serum - 30ml &7.47

After all the Kylie Jenner hype with Nip & Fab I thought I'd give this serum a go. It's currently half price in Boots and this range sees the perfect collection to bridge budget and high-end. It's had some great reviews and love from beauty bloggers so I was keen to try it. I love fresh and dewy make up in the Summer months so this serum seemed perfect to give my skin a boost. According to Nip & Fab "the serum improves skin texture, and reduces the appearance of pores fir a more refined and even looking complexion." I've got into a routine of putting this onto my face before bed and so far so good! 

I adore the grapefruity smell and how easily absorbable it is. It feels rejuvenating and hydrating for your skin, perhaps due to the Aloe in it. It contains 4% Glycolic Acid, but doesn't feel harsh on your face, more just refreshing. I would however, recommend allowing your skin to dry before going to bed as it is a teeny bit sticky but other than that i'm so far impressed with the results. 

Next on my wishlist is their Dragon's Blood Fix Serum, which sounds ideal for gym bunnies and post workout pampering and hydration. Let me know if you've tried it!

£3.99 and £4.99

I can't fault Rimmel for always delivering fast, affordable, on trend products. I do find the quality and staying power of the foundations and lipsticks not quite as good as the likes of Benefit and Mac, but for the price you pay I always like to try new releases. This week my beady eyes spotted Good To Glow Highlighter and Brow This Way brow kit and I couldn't resist. 

The highlighter is light and gives a lovely dewy glow. My skin is definitely more radiant after application. It's a thin consistency, but a little goes a long way and over sun kissed skin I reckon this will be a firm fave for holidays. 3 shades are available and I went with Soho Glow, applying with just my fingertips. 

Brow This Way looks to be a fab dupe for the Benefit Kit I swear by. I love my brows to look full and natural so usually give them a helping hard with pigmented wax and clear gel to set them. With this Rimmel bargain only setting me back £3.99 it was a no brainer to give it a go. 

The set comes complete with an angled application brush, powder brush and mini comb. My Benefit brush is much softer and I found that to be preferable over the Rimmel Brush bu that said; the coverage was sufficient and the colour suited me well. The texture was less creamy then I would have liked and the wax is quite stiff but as a travel kit or touch up product I reckon it's just the job. 

After years of biting and having acrylics my poor nails are not in the best state. I'm forever hunting for polishes and products to restore some strength and help them grow. Sally Hansen products are a plenty in my make up drawers but I'd never tried this particular polish.  

It describes it's self as a  "breakthrough Sally Hansen formula conceals ridges and imperfections while strengthening weak nails. With soothing and moisturising Jasmine, Rose and Vitamin E extracts, it nourishes nails for an overall conditioned look." 

The polish goes on easily and it's satisfying and full to apply. My nails dried glossy with a pinky/nude hint. I've found 2 coats are still necessary to prevent chipping off quite so fast and I needed to re-apply after a couple of days but it's definitely a product I'll continue to use. 

I'm always a bit skeptical that quick dry polishes will be thin and flakey, especially when going for a pastel shade but I was on the hunt for a nice coral/pinky polish and this one from Barry M fit the bill. Despite my skepticism, I do love a quick try because i'm impatient and there's nothing more annoying than smudged nails!... So into my basket it fell. The brush is thicker and flatter than on other Barry M collections which does make it nice and easy to apply. 
I definitely needed 2 coats though as after 1 there wasn't enough coverage. I'd recommend it as a polish better for toes than fingers as it does chip quickly, but the colour is fab! 

Have you found any high street bargains recently?  What are your go-to budget beauties? 

B xx 

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