Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Confessions Of A Nut Butter Addict

Yep. That's me. Totally and utterly, head over heels in love with most forms of nut butter. Peanut, cashew and especially almond. They're now a well documented shopping list essential for gym bunnies and body builders.

But Why?
Nut butters are full of protein, good fats, a source of potassium, rich in fibre and go well with almost anything! 

However, some brands, usually the cheaper ones, are full of nasties. It took courage (yes really) but last year after some persuasion I eventually left behind my favourite Whole Earth Crunchy, in favour of trying Meridian 100% Peanut. No added oils, palm oil sugars or salt. The taste and texture is different to Peanut Butters containing additives, it's slightly grainy and the oils do separate, so you need to give it all a big stir. Nonetheless, after a few days of weaning myself on it, it had won me over. My conscious was happy because it was full of the only the good nutritious stuff, better for the Orangutan's (have a read here) and the bank balance was healthy because we buy it by the kilo for £5.99. (!!) 

I wouldn't suggest standing in the kitchen eating it off the spoon as I've been known to, as of course it is pretty calorific. But keep to a quality over quantity approach to your food intake and enjoy moderately lathering it over your yogurt, toast or smoothies!

It adds yumminess and moreishness to my snacks, everyday.

Here are my favourite uses for it:

  • Spreading on apple slices 

  • Banana Rounds

  • Spoon in a protein shake (incred with choc protein and spoon of cinnamon...mmmmm)

  • Dollop on a bowl of Total Greek Yog

  • Spread on an oatcake

  • Add to a stir fry for an easy satay sauce 

  • Add as a topping porridge

Are nut butters part of your diet? What do you have them with? 

Give it a go! 

B x 


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  1. mmmm the deliciousness of nut butters...the combinations are endless!! X



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